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Workshop: Frankfurt Schranz Shuffle

In the 90s the Frankfurt Shuffle was the absolute hip dance style in all nightclubs in town. Along with the emergence of the Schranz music a totally new style was born which belongs to Frankfurt just as the Röner or Apple Wine.

When you go clubbing in Frankfurt nowadays, however, this has considerable changed. It is only a few people who shuffle at Tanzhaus West or MTW. Back then e.g. at the Omen Club there was shuffling in literally every corner of the club.

Frankfurt Shuffle looks a bit like Melbourn Shuffle, at least as for the foot and cutting shapes. Some moves from Melbourne do not exist in Frankfurt (e.g. the Running Man). And the arm movements are really different from Melbourne style.

We would like to revive the Frankfurt Shuffle and we are looking for people who would like to meet regularly to practice and then go to the clubs at night to make this style become alive again. Moreover we are looking for former clubbers who still remember the shapes and who could give creative input. Please mail to  schranz(at)ffsci.de

First Meeting: Saturday, December 3rd, 12 a.m-3 p.m. "Kleiner Saal" (small saloon) of Saalbau Titus Forum (Nordwestzentrum), Walter-Möller-Platz 2, 60439 Frankfurt (Underground U1 and U9).

And last but not leas: the whole thing is gratis!

Examples for Frankfurt Schranz Shuffle

Examples for Melbourne Shuffle


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