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Frankfurt Free Software and Culture Institute e.V.

The Frankfurt Free Software and Culture Institute is a free scientific institute. In view of the progressing decline of standards in terms of scientific culture at German universities being caused by recent Academic reforms we want to set a new course now.

Goals of our institute are promotion of science by research and teaching, promotion of education by exchanging of knowledge with the public, especially in order to increase competences in using media and technology and in order to increase the ability of critical reflection in general, as well as promotion of art and culture.

Subject of our scientific activities are the following fields of knowledge:
a) Computer technology and engineering, especially in connection with free licences, Free Software, free protocols, as well as free formats for data and communication.
b) Humanities, social and educational sciences, especially philosophy, philology, linguistics, study of literature, sociology, education science and psychology.

Moreover the institute wants to promote art and culture, critical reflection as well as skills needed for everyday life in theory and practice. We perceive ourselves as creative think tank for thinking ahead, test and deal with future trends.

The statuary purpose of the institute is being realized by carrying out the following activities:
a) scientific activities and research projects
b) formation of scientific teams on specific topics
c) granting and procuration of assignments in teaching and research
d) providing scientific expertises
e) consulting and assisting to citizens who are busy in the fields of the statuary purposes of the institute
f) publishing the results of our own research as well as publishing of other documents within the framework of our statuary purpose and publishing of book reviews
g) organizing courses, workshops, seminars, readings and discussion (both gratis and with costs)
h) arranging conferences, fairs, exhibitions etc.
i) cooperation with other scientific institutions in Germany and abroad

Public events of the institute are open to everybody.

Staff, employees and members of the institute are free in their scientific activities. There is no authority to give directions with regard to subject matters on the part of the board, the management or third parties. Projects for which the freedom of science is not guaranteed will not be carried out.


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